2G 900 Keyboard Tray by Humanscale with Mouse

2G 900 Keyboard Tray by Humanscale with Mouse

$369.99 $199.99

Pretty much brand new Keyboard tray. Selling as used due to overstock from customer buyback, but they have not been removed from their boxes. Still wrapped and ships today.

45 in stock

Product Description

Adjusts Effortlessly — A simple one-handed motion allows the keyboard to repositioned instantly, without the use of locks or levers.

Encourages low-risk postures — Whereas older generation products focus solely on maximum adjustability, the 2G maximizes adjustability within a safe operating range.

Non-intrusive — the 2G offers total knee clearance, so the only things below the keyboard are your knees. And its ease of adjustability means that it’s never in the way.

Will last a lifetime — The 2G provides the industry’s most stable support for mousing and keyboarding. Made of powder-coated steel to exacting standards, it will provide years and years of healthy use.

This is a like new Humanscale Keyboard Tray. Has not been taking out of the box, still brand new inside. Discounted price due to overstock from customer and considered used. Product ships today!

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